Medical Termination Via Cytotec Before 8 Weeks

Afraid about the miscarriage treatments? Buy cheap Cytotec Abortion Pill online which is also sold under the name Cytolog to use in pregnancy ending i.e. home abortion methods. This Abortion Pill online is approved by the FDA for its safety to use in women. These are the cheap Abortion Pills that are used before the 8 weeks of pregnancy. Such prescriptions are well known as Gastrointestinal Agents that are used to treat gastric ulcers. The medicine is shown as more effective when used together with Mifepristone (RU-486) to avoid undesired gestation.

  1. Brand: Cytolog
  2. Active component: Misoprostol
  3. Uses:
    1. To end the unwished gestation till 56 days.
    2. To treat the gastric ulcers that cause a high risk of health issues.
  4. Form: Tablet
  5. Strength: 200 mcg
  6. Package: 4 pills
  7. Manufacturer: Pfizer Pharmaceutical
  8. Benefits Of Cytolog:
    1. It ends the unwanted pregnancy successfully without harming health.
    2. Buy Cytotec online, which is available at a very cheap cost.
    3. The proper use of medicine reduces the troubles of duodenal and stomach ulcers.
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